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The Sun is dying, Scientists in the year 2099 all around the World say there will be a new zone in which habitats can flourish and the best of these will be on the Planet Mercury! Claims that shocks the World and now they must all work together, all the Countries that have been fighting over Natural resources, Money, Religion, Fear & Power must now wait to fight over these things on Mercury. Will they all work in harmony with each other in order to evacuate Earth in Preparation of the Sun’s demise and flee too Mercury in the hope that once there with a population, preparations can begin on Project ConceptMERCURY1. The final days in our solar system before leaving from Mercury to the Galaxies far and beyond. How will the events unfold on Mercury? What will unfold? stay tuned to the ConceptMERCURY1 Project. Written by Thor Mercury @ThorMercury1 on Twitter.

The USA/Canada( Since 2049 ) The Isles of Great Britain (All Separate Nations, Since 2056) The Scandinavian Countries (Norse/Scandinavia, Since 2052) all joined alongside China ( Joined with Japan and Australia, Since 2057) All joined forces together to become ACIGBSCJA Alliance Which soon became Known as AGBAC The powerful & most advanced of all the Alliance Nations on Earth. Whilst becoming the far more advanced in all aspects of World Science’s. Plans were already underway to orbit Mercury, then to send landing parties. Stay tuned to find out more. What will unfold? stay tuned to the ConceptMERCURY1 Project. Written by Thor Mercury @ThorMercury1 on Twitter.

AGBAC alliance have learned to work together and work in peace and want to simply get off Earth and get going too Mercury. In order to do this they have already secured most of the worlds previous wealth before the Diamond Find in Africa. In which they have flourished and have become the Power. Diamonds were the main source of all the technology and weapons for all the power sources. The Main weaponry used by the AGBAC Alliance was the Diamond Carbonizer 1 ( DC1 ) as known by the people! It was capable of rendering their enemies friendly by using a ray that tapped into their senses and made them feel overwhelmingly in awe of the AGBAC Alliance and instead would protect the Alliance for the rest of their existence. What will unfold? stay tuned to the ConceptMERCURY1 Project. Written by Thor Mercury @ThorMercury1 on Twitter.

The Entire Middle-East is all under the Control of the African-Nations. With one of the Greatest finds in Earths History. Deep below the Earth in the African Nation Zambia was the Greatest & largest Diamond ever to be unearthed (Found 2070). It stretched from Zambia to Libya and almost the breadth of the Entire Continent : As you can imagine, the profits Africa
reaped by selling pieces of this awesome Diamond to any Nation that needed them in order to keep up with the race against time to get too Mercury. With 90% of the wealth gained from the resources of the Middle-East & Africa going into the Funding of Islamic Groups whose main priority was to make Islam Established as the main Religious Power on Earth. All Islamic Nation’s band together to form the Islamic Nations of the one and only Allah, aka (INA) but later became simply known as “A” taken from the word Allah. With the money daily growing in the banks of Africa, Islamic institutions all over the middle east searching for the last relics of Islam before the Vaticanus Alliance can destroy them. Often building over temples with great domes to cover up their actions From Vaticanus Space stations in the night skies, and research Islams history the way the Vaticanus Alliance studies the texts written about Jesus Christ. This is the main priority of both these Alliance’s, to research & recruit as many followers to their religious cause. Hindering the attempts of any Nation who was not part of their program. “A” Alliance would have soon become notoriously known for sabotage. Striking fear into others ordering those that were not following Islam were to be exposed to years of indoctrination in their Islamic Camps all over the World, which were prone to drone attacks by both the AGBAC & The Vaticanus Alliance. However they have come up with more defensive technology. Rendering enemy Machines useless if they get too close to the Domes. Sabotaging crates with grenades that when exploded would emit a waves of radiation that would send victims into a rage & start destroying everything that was not Islamic culture and would instead protect all of Islam and its followers. These were often sent during the war between Argentina & Brazil. Many Individuals were killed on site by the Vaticanus Alliance. What will unfold? stay tuned to the ConceptMERCURY1 Project. Written by Thor Mercury @ThorMercury1 on Twitter.

The Spacecraft AESIR was the newest addition to the AGBAC Alliance, adorned with a Diamond skin, it glittered from every direction, which covered the bacterial layers needed to protect the craft from the effect’s of space travel. The living ship it became known as.

As the gravitational pull of the sun was becoming less & less the hope was that once they are in the orbit of Mercury, conditions can be checked from AESIR to establish whether to begin the ConceptMERCURY1 File 0001, the first day on Mercury. A stable landing & exploration of Mercury will be all that scientists say is needed to make possible the requirements to begin in order to populate Mercury. If 1st Leader aboard the AESIR says start building a colony on the Planet. It was done. So that would soon become their new home to leave as soon as possible: Staring at the Sun from so close but still only the same effects as on Earth, Standard sun visors fitted to the AGBAC Alliance’s uniforms will be suitable for the glare. This was Tiko’s main duty: Establish the first day on Mercury.

On board the Spacecraft AESIR the greatest spacecraft ever to have left Earth’s orbit heading for Mercury. A group of Scientists all with the best intentions for their cause, are hard at work in the laboratory. Since the AGBAC Alliance was the only Alliance to have full space flight abilities. They could rest easy in knowing that whilst on the journey to Mercury they had no need to worry about raiding parties from their enemies whilst resource hunting & researching findings of meteorites to hit Earth during its long history of impacts. Tiko, Head of Earth Science’s on board AESIR is on her way back from the observatory top-side (The ship was lit by dual Light blue laser lights that stretched the length of each section of the craft. Transparent floors where you could see the engineers hard at work below, Scientists studying the Engineers work while the Engineers studied the Scientists work.) This was one of the main reasons the Alliance became so powerful, they worked together and at all times were equal to all, showing how well run it could work, at-least on this craft. All with the leaderships qualities to run the craft & the Alliance in general, if any situations arises it was one of the main attributes of how the Alliance was ahead of all the others.

Thinking to herself “ I hope these bacterial-robotic space-suits hold up against the conditions on the ground. Shit i hope they hold up against the launch from the shuttle to the Planet, hmm this is going to be a shitty week if i am in bits floating by the observatory screens on day one” Just then on communications: ” Tiko come in. Over “

Tiko steps back against the wall breathless, breathes over the comms, ” Yes, incoming. Over ”

Takes a deep breath: on comms, “ We have just slipped into high Mercury Orbit, ready for Induction. Over “ Tiko was not so much worried about losing her own life, she was just concerned about failing the mission before it had a chance to start.

Zipping her uniform up to her slender neck and padding herself down, she heads to the cockpit to prepare the away team for descent onto Mercury. On arriving at the Elevator she senses something is wrong, very wrong! What will unfold? stay tuned to the ConceptMERCURY1 Project. Written by Tyr Pandora

What will unfold? stay tuned to the ConceptMERCURY1 Project. Written by Thor Mercury @ThorMercury1 on Twitter.


ConceptMERCURY1 project. #Science #Fiction #Writers